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We are chatting with the sensational Singer/ Songwriter Melody Sheppard about her latest single "Try", why music is such a gift and you'll soon learn why she is a gift all in of herself!

We just need to get right into it Melody! Congratulations on your release "Try"! You are such a powerhouse truly!! What has been your favorite fan response to the song so far?!

Oh, my goodness — thank you! Honestly, though this song speaks to a wide variety of people in a myriad of ways, it’s the members of the church where the music video was filmed whose responses are meaning the most to me right now. They lived a lifetime of memories in that building that was destroyed by a massive tornado in April, generations of moments treasured. It’s blessing my heart tremendously to hear how much this song and video mean to them and how it’s inspiring them to keep picking the pieces up and carry on to the next part of their story!

Was there a time when you felt you had to push yourself out of your comfort zone musically for "Try"?

Actually, yes! I have played piano my entire life, but I play completely by ear and have always felt insecure about my lack of formal training. “TRY” became my invitation to turn the message around on myself, ignore my insecurities, and play anyway. Knowing that I can be every bit the musician I want to be!

Can you imagine a life without music? What do you think that would be like?

That would be a sad day, indeed. I can’t imagine what this global pandemic would be like without music without ART in general to lift people from what can feel so dark and bleak and allow them to feel joy despite such crazy circumstances! Music is SUCH a gift!!

What is a goal that you daydream about?

Aside from being a killer pianist? I dream of leaving a lasting impression on this world. Whether it’s through song into the ears and hearts of strangers or the ways I can pour life and affirmation into my kids at home, I want to affect long-lasting change in this life that transcends trends and leaves this place better than when I found it. Music happens to be a fantastic facilitator of that!!

We want to make sure everyone keeps up with YOU!! So where can they support all your music and listen to "Try" on repeat too!!

Thank you!! Support means so very much!! “TRY” can be found via all music streaming platforms, and everyone can catch the new video now on YouTube along with the 1st OG version!

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TikTok - @MeloSheppard

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