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Emily Daccarett is here and she is talking what challenges her, what has shocked her and what she's listening for when it comes to her music!

We are so excited to be speaking with you today Emily! "Santa Baby" has us dancing around! Was this a fun project to make?

Awww I’m so happy to hear you like it! I was so excited to work on this cover. When I was little my dance teacher would always have us perform to this song for our Christmas recital. I really wanted to be reminded of that simpler time and it was so much fun organizing the shoot to go along with the song!

What challenges you to be better at your craft?

My desire to create and find ways of telling my stories in a cinematic way with my limitations as an Indie artist, it forces me to find creative ways of making it feel grand.

Name the release that shocked you with the reactions it got?

I was surprised by the attention Cannibal has gotten this year. It was so different from what I had done in the past, and I wasn’t sure how people would react to me using my falsetto voice in the chorus. I kept thinking back to “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and the risk they took with that huge octave jump in the song, some risks pay off and at the end of the day stepping out of my comfort zone is what motivates me.

What do you listen for when you're listening to music you're creating?

I listen for the emotion in my performance; does it convey to the listener what the story of the song is telling.

Where can our readers go and listen to "Santa Baby" and follow you and your artistry?!

You can find all my cover songs on my YouTube Channel.

You can stream my music on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal, any major streaming platform!

You connect with me on my socials!

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