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Originally from Colorado, Eddie Ray Arnold settled in North Georgia as a family man before bringing his modern style of 90s country music to the Music City, Nashville, Tennessee. With songs like his road trip anthem "Beautiful Day", and his single "What If I Don't", it’s evident that Eddie has something to say and knows how he wants to say it. When he takes the stage, Eddie's high energy shows are fully intended to entertain and rock your country world.

So great to have you for our interview today Eddie. Tell us about your latest single and the impact it's had on your fans so far?

You Were Worth the Heartbreak which is a song about not regretting a failed relationship follows on the heels of What If I Don't which is I guess the realization that yeah it's over. It wasn't done that way on purpose but it does flow together which I thought was a good idea. So far, it's had great reception. My songs tend to be relatable and this one is no exception. We've been playing it live for over a year and it's been good for us on stage. I'm excited to see how it goes.

Do you get more attached to songs over others?

Yes. Some way more than others. But I don't play or release songs I don't like.

What makes your single and the time you spent on the music memorable for you?

The production process is always fun to me. It's like a puzzle and a work of art. Creating the sound and putting it all together. There's always something different that happens when putting a song together that makes each one its own experience.

Any tried or true techniques you have when creating the music?

Start with a good song. That's the key. Get comfortable with it. Learn it inside and out so you aren't stiff when you record it. Make it yours. Own it. It'll make the process easier when the instruments come together.

What are you most looking forward to in 2023 with your new music? Wow. So many moving parts for 2023. We have original songs and we're working on a project featuring songs that influenced me through the years. That's going to be great. Anything in 2022 that you experienced that you're either leaving behind or bringing with you into 2023? We're moving forward into 2023 with the same mindset and work ethic that got us where we are in 2022. We've come so far and it's been such an exciting ride. Where can our readers go to learn more about your future projects?!

I keep up with my socials pretty well, but my email list gets information I don't usually put on the socials. and sign up for my email. You'll also get discounts and things like that for my online store sometimes.

You're rad. Leave us with a word or phrase that will describe what your fans can expect from you NEXT!

High energy.

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