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The Brkn is an alt pop band based out of Denver, CO. They formed in 2019, and since then have released two EP's, two singles, and have done a handful of touring with an upcoming run through the UK and Europe this fall.

What stands out to you as being the piece of music that has changed the game for the industry?

I’d say there've been many but for me personally Michael Jackson’s performance for Motown when he did the first moonwalk and first performance of Billie Jean. That changed my life. You are a game changer yourself... how do you want to change the game with YOUR music?

I’d say I’d like to bring back the concept of being a live band and add to the revival that I’ve been seeing happen with bands like The Band Camino and The 1975. Maybe bring back the hype of the guitar solo while we’re at it. How are you putting together your next project?

Right now I’m just writing and recording demos by myself at the home studio and just vomiting out vibes. Then we’ll take those many tunes and narrow them down as a band and head over to Nashville with Mason and tear them apart and put them back together until we end up with something that we love.

Who are you collaborating with?

For now just Mason Maxwell our producer. But who knows who might end up on the next record, we’ve made some amazing/talented friends along the way. Who are you giving credit to when it comes to how this upcoming music is being made?

I’d give credit to the band as a whole. We all have a piece and a part to play. We’re a team. Including Mason. Biggest lesson so far this year that you are taking into this summer?!

The biggest lesson would probably be to always trust what material comes out of you without even trying. What is something EPIC you're doing this summer to contribute to your art?

We’re going on our first EU/UK tour in a couple weeks! So STOKED!!!! You are just EPIC! Give us everything we need to keep up! Leave our audience a word or phrase on how they could live their best lives too!


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