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How Sihan Cui shares the life stories of people with her lens.

How would you describe your work?

I hope to tell people's life stories with the lens. “This is the meaning and charm of literature and art – to get a person out of his limited, narrow life track, to perceive, understand, and even live the lives of others.” This is a quote by my favorite documentary film director Xu Tong. Usually, people don't pay much attention to how people outside their familiar life circle live. Because of the lack of understanding, there is a lack of empathy. However, the fact is that some people's lives may be harmed for various reasons but remain silent. I hope I can give a voice to people who can’t really speak for themselves, to let more and more people know about such things are happening in reality. There are very ordinary people like you and me suffering, not just numbers in the data report.

Any collabs happening this year?

Yes. I will be working with an amazing team on a documentary film project “Fujianese in New York”. The project is about immigrants from Fujian, China, who came to The United States to pursue the "American Dream". It is also a new chapter in my exploration of Chinese labor immigration issues.

What are you doing to stay centered?

Keep observing, keep caring, keep listening, keep creating. And stay curious.

Can you give us a little sneak peek to your most current project?

Please find the trailer of my first feature documentary film “The Wave” on my website:

Where can we see and support your work?

Personal website:


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