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Don Mai talks his single 'Stay The Night' and who he credits with his success!

How are you living your best life right now?

I'm living my best life by making the best of a not so great situation. I live in Melbourne, Australia and we hold the record for the most lockdown days in the world! It is not ideal but I have made the best out of this situation by starting music production early march last year, have been writing many songs and experimenting in different genres.

Can you talk to us about upcoming music? Give us all the details!

My upcoming single is called 'Stay The Night' and it is a song about catching feelings for friends with benefits but not wanting to admit it. I like to constantly experiment with sounds that are different from my previous singles so this song will also be a sound you haven't heard from me before!

Are there any collaborations in the works?

Yes I'm working on collaborating with more musicians as it will help expand my song-writing and production knowledge. But as of now none of these collaborations have been confirmed for a release so I don't want to spoil anything yet in case we don't release it!

How much time and work goes into releasing music?

A lot. As an independent musician, I do just about everything myself. And with that I'm always having to expand my knowledge in many other areas besides just music. But I enjoy learning new things, so while it may take up a lot of my time, It's definitely worthwhile and it's all for a goal which is to get my music heard.

Who do you give the most credit to when it comes to your music career?

Myself! It's not a great answer but at the end of the day if you don't believe in yourself who will!

Where is there to go next in your music goals?

The sky's the limit! Even though I have been doing music for a long time, there are still many goals I want to achieve and I would say I'm still in the early stages of my music career and still have a long way to go. Currently my goal is to get my spotify followers to 300. It may not seem like much but it is the next step for me. I like to keep working on small goals as it keeps me in check with how my progress is going.

Leave us with your socials! Thank you Don!

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