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Texas based band Tomar & The FCs talk the finest soul music coming out of the great state!

How are you living your best life right now?

We're excited to be playing shows at our favorite clubs again! Nothing beats a few solid hours of soul with some beautiful people in a top notch venue.

How did the band form?

A mutual friend, Nikolas Bouklas, introduced Tomar (lead vocals) to the FCs, who were a local instrumental band.

You're located in Texas. Has that influenced your music?

Absolutely. Texas has produced some of the finest soul music of the last few years from Greyhounds to Leon Bridges to The Black Pumas. For all the famous bands, there are dozens more quality soul bands that influence and inspire us. It's a great scene to be a part of.

What is a goal you've set for 2021 that you're working on achieving?

We're working on a Fall tour that will hopefully bring us back through Nashville.

Any upcoming music?

Yes, we're in the studio now working on our third full length record. We're hoping to have a single out before the end of the year.

Social Media: @tomarandthefcs on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

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