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KinderCrowdControl release their new music Electric Sheep...

Electric Sheep is giving US LIFE! How did you come up with the title? Edem: Thank you! Well, Electric Sheep is a remix of our 2016 release Songs To Saadet. The piece was called Hold. Thanks to a very prominent music industry figure (who contacted us through our excellent management company BsquaredMGMT out of Nashville, TN), who’s acumen was for us to release KinderCrowdControl music as often as we could, including remixes, we decided to revisit this piece. The title followed the concept of the piece’s vocals by Sandra Ban “Never, never sleep”. We then conceptualized the piece to convey our take on our societal shared dependency on digital devices and the current social media paradigm. We wanted to discuss the digital media world that never sleeps, and the obsession on social/virtual “popularity” and the drive towards “belonging" and virtual “Followers”. Enough said. Brett: “Never, never sleep”. Electric Sheep is the dystopian viewpoint on our Social Media paradigm. People have become so obsessed with living life through their smartphones that they forget to look up, or even sleep. What about the sound for the song? Edem: Heavy. I used a Theremin to emulate electronic “language”, and repeating motifs to represent the 1s and 0s of the digital domain. Sandra provides the repetitive soundbites reflecting a world that “Never, never sleeps”. Almost as if these were human words embodying the modus operandi of the digital domain. The beautiful vocals by Thea Ulrich “I promised you” are the siren song, if you will, of the internet. Susan Bacich’s pitch perfect whistling conceptually counterpoints human emotion/pathos against a digital tapestry. Brett: The sound is where digital electronica meets analog grit in a mad tug-o-war over the human psyche. Was there any influence for the latest music? Edem: Our drive to up our Social Media Following! So, please please Follow us on IG, Facebook, and the like or we’ll have to keep releasing reminders! As Billy Gibbons of ZZ Top would say “Have Mercy”. Lots-O-Laughs. On another note, we felt the track had found a new resonance in the current zeitgeist. Brett: The influence for Electric Sheep has come in part through our acceptance of what it means to live in today’s world. To quote C.S. Lewis “There are far, far better things ahead than any we leave behind.” Take us through that day to day on getting this music done? Edem: Talking to our unnamed source and music industry hefe; going through our past catalog, finding “Hold”; creating a new composition; juggling the parts; remixing/producing using our updated digital interface and software; adding “the final inch” touches; simmering it for a week and Boom! Brett: The simmering is the key to all we do. It sometimes takes a little extra nudging here or there before we’re completely happy with the final product. One thing I love about the new digital world is how easy it is to manipulate sound and bend it to whatever you want. It’s magic. Who do you want to thank for the music? Edem: Mitch Steele for his production acumen that got us rolling years ago; Thea Ulrich for the beautiful effortless vocals; Sandra Ban for her spontaneous word poetry acumen; Brett for hanging with me all these years; the unnamed music industry figure who encouraged us to release remixes; BsquaredMGMT for giving us the opportunity to be here and remain relevant. Brett: Nice job Edem! Is there more to the song than fans think? Edem: We received a great review of the song where the critic “got it”. So there’s that. Like any great art form, we feel there should be room for the audience to bring their own narrative to the piece. I’ll leave it at that. Brett: We leave our music open for the listener to make their own conclusion. I think that’s the secret of any great work of art. Wouldn’t you like to know what Mona Lisa was thinking when Leonardo da Vinci crafted his now famous work? Gotta leave room for the audience. How do you want to leave your mark with this music? Edem: By leaving a mark. There’s room for everyone’s unique approach to music. The more original the better. We’ve been told our music sounds like nothing else. That’s good enough for me. Brett: Insert smudge here. That! Socials and how and where to follow YOU along your best life! E: Thank you! Here you go: Our hub: FB: IG, TikTok, Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes etc., etc., kindercrowdcontrol

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