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The spiritual Singer/ Songwriter Natalie Gauci is gracing us with her powerful presence and insight!

Hi Natalie!! You are a force to be reckoned with because your music and spirituality is inspiring! Tell us what are you working on right now?!

This is true, I am a force to be reckoned with! My music and spirituality are inspiring many people and I can feel it growing and expanding everyday! I am working on a project which combines my music and spirituality, there are three main components: the music and live performance, the lesson which comes from the experience and the song which I have written, and the healing. First single release is Jan 20th 2021 combined with my live online streaming show! I am living on the sunshine coast and have been collaborating with local businesses and entrepreneurs. I am then taking the online show into a love setting at Maeleny Community Centre, with some yummy catering and a magical environment, 23rd Jan 2021! I am so excited!

What changes will you be making for 2021 that you'd never thought you'd be doing with your music?

I never thought in a million years I would find a way to be taking a show on the road and online that combined everything I do, together in an hour show! I have Ian "Dicko" Dickson to thank for this, he has been mentoring me for the past six months and really guiding me on how to bring all my talents into one place. We all are multidimensional beings and have the potential to do so much, not just be labeled as one thing, and Dicko helped me see this and create a package in its simplest form. Dicko was also a judge on Australian Idol back in 2007 and a dear friend of mine. Also, having a strict routine and developing strong management and delegating skills has been a huge one! And learning to be free with money, and not being afraid of having budgets and a financial plan! Doing all this with a new baby has been so much fun! Challenging at times but I wouldn't change it for the world. It’s given me a greater purpose.

Do you think branding yourself specifically is important for an artist?

Yes. I feel branding specifically is important because it aligns the product with the personality. It's all about energy and life force, and branding is part of the way others perceive us. I choose to be as authentic as possible when it comes to branding and I also love being out there and wild with colors and themes that match my music and healing.

What is a goal that you daydream about?

I have been daydreaming about “Pictures of Mars” and building true honest exciting relationships with my team, to bring this out to Australia and the world. Now it is actually happening, I am still continuing to daydream about it! My next venture after this, will be expanding into 2 days retreats with music and spirituality. I daydream about this too!

You are such a pleasure to talk with Natalie and your insight is wonderful!! Please tell our audience where they can go and follow your musical journey?!

Thank you! You can find me at My website Or instagram and Facebook @nataliergauci

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