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The talented and inspiring Zavier O'Keith talks self-worth and his rebellious spirit.

How are you living your best life with your music these days?

I’m currently in the “physical” portion of creating, where I get to take tons of pictures and shoot music videos. Doing these things make my music feel like a living entity and I feel as though I’m celebrating the birth of a new life that I’ve been creating in my studio for so long. This is when I feel most like an artist! I have unbearable grounds to cover in my career and with every new photo or video that I create just helps me feel as though I’m taking baby steps forward.

What are you up to this summer when it comes to performing?

I have been obsessed with virtual shows! Sometimes it feels as though touring or performing is so distant and difficult to reach. It’s so expensive to come out of my own pocket to obtain new resources so virtual performances allow me to entertain in a controlled and creative environment that I otherwise couldn’t achieve. So I’ve been working on a way to give a performance for both my new EP and older songs from my first EP “Prologue” and Album “Fluttering”.

What do you aspire to do next?

Honestly, everything’s been so unpredictable! I would love to be on a plane or tour bus and focus on honing my performance skills, a muscle that I never really get to work out. I have so many visions and ideas for what my performances would look like and I would love to see and feel them happening in real life instead of floating around in my head! I love fashion as well and would love to be able to be more expressive in fashion and costume!

How do you feel like you've inspired your audience?

One of the main things I like to remind anyone who is willing to listen is that they are worthy of any ideas or dreams they have. I think that self worth is such an important factor in our everyday lives and has such a massive impact on every decision we make. It genuinely hurts me to see people feeling “less than” or incapable of achieving something that they’re passionate about. I am a very rebellious spirit and I almost always press people to fight any opposing forces, no matter how exhausting it is.

How do you keep up with your audience?

Instagram! I’ve made that app a home of mine. One of the blessings of having 800 followers is that I can keep tabs on almost everyone and can call them my friends. I love having conversations with them and seeing what they’re working on. It makes me so proud seeing how they’re all blossoming and growing into themselves. I’m very protective of my friends and their dreams because I know how passionate they are about the beautiful things they do whether it’s painting, modeling, music, activism, raising children, etc. I love to be of help where I can!

How do they keep up with you?

Instagram again! I’ve been more active than ever recently after taking many breaks to focus on my EP. Social media is very exhausting sometimes so I do actually text a lot of people when I’m taking breaks; another perk of being a small artist!



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