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Singer/ Songwriter Naomi Sky talks how music can make you shine!

How are you living your best life right now?

I’m living my best life by chasing my dreams and enjoying time with my friends, family, and my puppy!

What ways have you changed your life to be able to live your best life?

Within the past year, I changed my life by creating more of a balance between being there for my family and friends and focusing on self love/working towards achieving my goals. I learned about the importance of self love and balancing self-care with my social life in college. The better I take care of myself by eating healthy, working out, and relaxing, the more I can show up and be fully present for the people I love.

What music should new fans be listening to?

I just released a song called “With You”, and I would love you to check it out!

Performing live?

I don’t currently have any in-person performances scheduled, but I have a couple virtual performances coming up! Follow me on my socials to stay up to date on my virtual performances! I’m so grateful to be able to share music with people during this year.

Any advice you can give to artists out of experience?

Remind yourself why you started playing music and why you love it. Understanding our desires and feeling into the personal meaning and power of music can help you shine.

Who are you most inspired by in this industry?

I’m so inspired by Ariana Grande and how creative she has gotten with her music videos for her last few albums! She is so fully herself in her writing and music. I love feeling that authenticity from an artist.

Upcoming projects you can share with us?

I have a new single coming out at the beginning of October! I haven’t released details, so follow me on my socials to stay up to date on new music :)

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“With You”:

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