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College kids from Queens and Long Island, NY: Dylan Trif, (Lead Vocals), Charlie LoMonaco, (Guitar/ Background Vocals), John Devito, (Bass), Ben Bustamante, (Drums/ Background Vocals), and Brendan Sandhovel, (Rhythm Guitar). Charlie, Ben and John began playing music together at an early age through a local music school. Years later they connected with Dylan and Brendan and formed what is now SAMSARA. SAMSARA draws their influence from several styles including grunge, funk, metal and alternative. SAMSARA's “alt sound” weaves grunge with today's modern rock. Despite being a young band, they have received praise from the music community! Follow SAMSARA. on their social media for the latest news and events.

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Thank you for taking this interview Samsara! While your fans and new fans stream your music and read this interview, tell us the first thing that comes to mind that you're grateful for about your music career! We are just grateful to have each other as bandmates and friends at the end of the day. We all feel blessed that we have this group to collaborate and make music together. What kind of inspiration influences your music that fans would be surprised by? Probably the fact that we all have wildly different tastes in the music we listen to and are inspired by, pop to rap, to metal, to singer songwriters, we all bring something unique to our sound and try to make our sound a culmination of our individual influences. Who has influenced you in your career? We have been influenced by a lot of rock music from the 90s such as Nirvana and Soundgarden, as well as Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood, and CleoPatrick, in terms of artists we are influenced by and you can directly hear this influence in our sound. Who is your biggest cheerleader in the industry? Why? Our biggest cheerleaders or ourselves and our families and friends. We all are just there to lift one another up and support each other in all of our endeavors. Who gives you the most critique? Why? We give our biggest critics to each other I feel. We try to speak up if something is wrong and let each other know how to improve in a healthy way. Do you often follow your heart or your brain when you have to make decisions in your career? Both definitely play a role, sometimes the brain can play it too safe when your heart wants to do something a bit risky and it's important to listen to both to discover what you want. Making decisions on how to go about your next project, what do those conversations sound like? "What songs do you guys wanna record?" is probably what you will hear the most, or just figuring out which ones are ready to go and sound good enough for our standards. Give us a fun fact about your latest music! Our latest single SWEET was fully written in about an hour in my room, when we all got together for the first time after not seeing each other for months straight. That is how connected we are. Best advice you've received on making new music? You don't have to play it safe and you don't have to follow the rules. Follow your heart and what you want to hear through someone's speakers. No matter what. You should not have to compromise your own artistic integrity for someone else to accept you and how you sound. Give us some advice when it comes to pushing forward in your career?

Never give up. We all go away to school and it's hard sometimes to even remember that we are all friends and can talk to each other sometimes, but persevering through these challenges results in some of our best work once we are back.

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