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Tennessee native, Talon David opens up how she feels about opening up through her music, the music industry and who gives her advice on it all!

Please tell us everything you're up to musically right now?!

Wowow! Well, I’m working on my senior recital from Belmont University, which I’ll premiere on YouTube mid-March. It features five of my originals that whisk us on a journey “Across the Night.” It’ll be the first time these songs are performed live at this scale, so I’m super excited about it. I’ll probably release an album after that. Or possibly two. Or three lol there’s a lot of songs. And then there’s the musical—no rush on that though. I’d also like to get the hang of guitar. Still haven’t done that yet LOL.

How much of yourself do you put out into the world when it comes to your music?

More than I know, which sounds weird. Half my songs have actually happened to me and half are simply stories, but all convey thoughts and struggles that I see around me and am dealing with. I talk about feelings in songs that I would never feel comfortable speaking about in normal conversation. Even now, I look back at old songs like “Deep Snow” and “Indigo” and discover more about my younger self, I like to think of my songs as a musical autobiography.

Do you think branding yourself specifically is important for an artist?

Music professionals talk about branding like it’s the road to success, but I think the most important thing is to just have one vision—proper branding follows. If there are too many ideas/visions being thrown at an artist, the audience gets confused and bored. I’ve determined, because my vision (and songwriting) is tied up in how I experience the world, for continuity, my branding has to be close to my personality. This also makes sure the “brand” doesn’t redefine me as a person either. As I see it, music can be seen as a “business” but not the artist. The artist must always be a person first. The artist “business” leads to mental health issues.

Who do you go to when you need advice about the music industry?

Haha my parents first—they’re my guiding stars. I'd talk to some of my teachers and contacts I’ve met along the way next. After their advice, I’d pray a lot about it.

Thank you for chatting with us today and for all your insight! Let our audience know where they can go to keep up with your musical journey!

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