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Artist Corner: Mark Winters

Texas-based rock singer-songwriter Mark Winters is many things; a witty poet, passionate musician, entrepreneur, optimist, family man, and a bonafide rocket scientist. He first picked up a guitar to play a song for his wife on their anniversary. That’s when he discovered the joy of connecting with people through music. Mark combines music, poetry, a science background, and love for his community to form his signature sound, “rock with a positive vibe.”

Give us the set up of how your latest music came to be?

Last year I was out singing Christmas Carols for the Houston Food Bank, and it really hit me how much I enjoy the Christmas spirit. I started writing in my journal the many wonderful emotions that the holiday evokes in me, bustle and calm, family, love and friendships, reflection, faith and of course shopping and eating! my thoughts turned into a few haikus and the final result was My Christmas, my first original holiday song.

What is setting your music apart from what is being heard in the music industry today?

There are so many awesome songs being released every day, I heard 100,000 on Spotify alone, wow. I like to infuse some of my poetry (thanks to my grandmother) and rhythm’s that make me want to move (thanks mom and dad!) into my songs. I also like to share my positive vibe, I do love the world and the people in it.

How are you multiplying the ways your music is being heard?

Multiplication, now that’s in my lane, I am a math nerd after all…. I share my music, full songs on traditional streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple, YouTube) and on live streams (TikTok and IG), and also in short form on Stories (IG, TikTok, YouTube) via haikus set to music or short form acoustic takes of my music. RockWithAPositiveVibe^2

Why is it so important for you to continue to make new music that matters?

My passion is to share some positive energy in the world, it’s so easy to slide into a dark place with the negative energy from the news, social media, etc. I’m always looking for the positive, a way to help through hard work and compassion.

What does your latest music say about you?

That I love Christmas! I recently visited Spain (Barcelona and Madrid), and they love Christmas too! I need to translate my song into Spanish pronto!

What is the message you are trying to convey for your fans?

Look around you, find something positive and become aware of it, share it with others, maybe to a rock beat (everything needs some music to accompany it).

Keeping up with you is always fun, where can our audience listen to you NEXT?

TikTok live streams are on the menu this holiday season, find me there and it’s likely I’m supporting a charity for the stream. I might even write you a haiku live!

Leave us with a meaningful story that connects to your latest music that is the ultimate takeaway for your fans?

My friend John and I recently traveled to Spain together, and I was amazed how considerate and kind he was for the trip. I think he made a friend at every stop, and we really benefited from the camaraderie and advice. My favorite was our waitress every morning at breakfast, Maria, she helped us with Spanish, directions, and the most amazing espresso. She went out of her way to greet us every morning with a smiling “buenos dias “ and stopped by often to catch our stories from the day. We felt truly at home…. It’s something I look for in my life and learn from. What are your friends doing and how is it making the world a better place?

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