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The talented Alice June talks singing her latest single!

Your motto is "Turn your dreams into projects". Why is that motto special to you?

"Turn your dreams into projects" is a special motto to me because it reminds me that if you work constantly on your projects, you can step by step reach your goals and realize your dreams.

Tell us what projects you're working on right now?

I'm writing new songs and working on a new one that I can't wait to share with you all! I'm also planning acoustic live sessions.

What has 2021 had in store for your music?

Well, the 2021 has been the real beginning for my solo music path so it’s definitely an important year, with my first single Waterfall I've officially entered a new music dimension and can't wait to continue in this direction and share more music on which I’m working on already this year.

Waterfall is out NOW! How do fans listen to it?

Yas! That's so exciting! I’ve already had good feedback since its release, in fact I've just surpassed the 12.000 streams on Spotify which I believe is a good number considering it's my first song! It’s also uploaded on all the other digital platforms and available on social media.

Favorite part about the song?

It's difficult to pick a favorite part of the song cause I like it entirely, anyway I would say, the part when I sing "now you're free to choose who you want to be" because it expresses the main message of the song and I also like the final part cause it’s very “open” and there is space for instruments and free vocals.

What is a goal that you daydream about?

Well, my main goal at the moment is to create and share good music and then I hope to be able to create a fan base who want to support my music and maybe want to come to my gigs!

You are such a pleasure to talk with Alice! Please tell our audience where they can go and follow your musical journey?

My pleasure! You can follow me on my Instagram page! I like to share updates on my music path there :) and of course, if you want to listen to my music, just follow me on Spotify and Apple music and other music platforms! I leave you all the links here below. Social Media Links:

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