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We got to chat with the incredibly talented Singer/ Songwriter Nick Johnson about his newest single release "Done Done Done", trends in music and the belief you must have in yourself as an artist!

Hi Nick!! Thank you for chatting with us! We heard your latest single called Done Done Done and we LOVE it! The music video was so much fun! Were there any challenges when shooting it at all?

Hello and thanks for having me! Thank you, it was a lot of fun. The only challenge that day was the heat! This location was not climate controlled!

Name the proudest moment when it came to releasing Done Done Done?

There are many amazing/anxious moments associated with releasing a personal piece of art into the world. I think the proudest moment with “Done Done Done” was co-writing the song with Justine Blazer. I’d love to do more co-writing with and for other artists.

What trend in music do you want to follow? What trend do you want to avoid?

If there’s any trend I want to follow it’s the trend of my music resonating and moving people. Spreading love through my music. As far as avoiding any trend I want to avoid the trend of saying negative things about anything. Even trends!

What habit was the hardest to break in your career?

I think I’ve realized this is WHAT I DO and I’ve been doing it my whole life with varying degrees of success. I’ve put my whole being and life into writing songs, practicing, making music, being out on the road, in the studio and all of the things that come with running a business. So the habit hardest to break for me is ongoing. I’m an artist and no matter how many accolades I receive, money I make and I’d love more of all of that, this is just WHAT I DO! I’m always working to improve both personally and professionally and that belief begins and ends with me.

You have such wonderful energy through your music and beyond! How can our readers stay connected and support ALL of it!?

Well thank you! I appreciate that! Please stay connected through all my socials:

For Press Inquiries:

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