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The Key of F is as cool as their band name!

How did you come up with the cool band name?

Andie: Haha! We actually were throwing around a few band names like Zodiac Graveyard, Posterity, and Valiant Effort. Marie and I were rehearsing a cover song and me, being insufferable, kept asking her "What key are we in?" Very patiently, she kept telling me. "It's F,. We're in the key of F, Andie". One of them said that The Key of F would be a good band name, and that's the one that stuck. Talk to us about your upcoming single 'Another Love Like Mine'! Andie: The best way to describe it is this song doesn't pull punches. It's dark. It's angry. It's unapologetically rock and rock with a side dish of karma. But it is also very much so about taking back your power and knowing your own self worth. Have you performed anywhere recently? Andie: We have! We did a live streaming "unplugged" concert recently and it was such a great turnout. With the Covid-19 situation being what it is, we are both still being very careful about doing gigs indoors. Any collaborations on the upcoming single? Andie: We've been working with Producers; Charlie Waymire and Ernesto Homeyer of Ultimate Studios Inc and they have a tremendous amount of talent and have helped us shape this song to be what you hear in the final mix. Also, my ( and Marie's ) vocal coach, Darci Monet, is so fantastic. Before we record leads and backing, we always woodshed the vocals with her to fine tune everything. Any collaborations that you hope to have soon? Andie: Yes! I would love to do a collaboration with Jim Lawton from Electric Enemy. I've spoken to him and his manager a couple of times and they have been incredibly lovely. Not sure if our schedules will mesh up, but I greatly appreciate the time they have taken to speak with me. There's also a possibility that I might do a collab with Adam and Laura Sharp, they are a brother and sister team and ridiculously talented. That might end up being a side project. All of this is still in the infant stages, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Are you making any moves that you're excited about? Andie: We're currently finishing our debut album, and I am very excited about that. Give us some insight on a day in the life of the band! Andie: This usually involves me annoying Marie by either text or email ha! There is a constantly evolving "to-do" list that consists of; rehearsals, writing sessions, photo shoots, promoting, scheduling interviews, studio prep, merchandise decisions and just spending time on my own rehearsing vocals and practicing bass. It's definitely a full time job, but worth it. Best part of making music? Andie: It's the ability to create something that resonates with someone else and can help heal them. Music has always been a great healing tool, a celebration, and an old friend that is there to understand what you are going through. The other best part for me, is I get to make music with Marie. She is such a joy to work with and one of my best friends. Most challenging? Andie: The music industry itself is a very challenging business to be in. It's easy to be disappointed and very hard to keep picking yourself up again and again when you get rejected. Success is never overnight, and it takes a lot of hard work and being tenacious to make a dent in this business.

Where are you going next in your musical journey? Andie: The very next thing is our debut album. Since we are a newer band, we were still defining our sound with our first 2 singles. We've zeroed in on this swamp/blues rock vibe and that is what our overall sound is going forward. I'm very excited to finish up this album and release it. Social media? Andie: You bet. Our Spotify is: The Key of F

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